Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One-Pan Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables.

... "I needed to decompress from work today, so I got my aggressions out by making ...

One-Pan Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables: Chicken. Brussels Sprouts. Red Potatoes. Shallots. Carrots. Fennel. Parsnips. Garlic. Thyme. Rosemary. S & P. Butter. Sugar.

With my current travels on the road I rarely have the time to make dinner when I am home - this meal is made just under an hour negating mise en place. While this was cooking in the oven and filling the whole house with aromatic smells ... I got all the tedious paperwork I needed to get done and completed other work tasks. I took out the sizzling hot pan and served James and myself a generous helping. We both sat down and ate. I watched James enjoy his dinner and he said, 'I miss your cooking.' I replied, 'I miss it too.'" ... /closes my eyes and takes a bite and smiles ...

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