THE PANTRY PANDA -  ... "Since I've been a child, I have been surrounded by food. It's no wonder since I come from a long line of 'foodies' in my family. In the last couple of years, I have been cooking meals at home for family and friends as well as seeking out great food in my area. This blog captures my passion on a plate and the plates I've eaten. Feel free to reach out to me for specific recipes or even share places to check out!" /thanks you for visiting my website ...
                                                                  - Jon

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  1. Jon, I really like your site. The photographs are beautiful. I especially like the way you've used Pinterest as an index to your recipes.

  2. love the posting would like to come visit and do food episode for EricJones Show email your contacts number to eric@ericljonesshow.com Thank You! soon!!!

    1. Eric, check your email. I sent you my contact information.