Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bo Ssam. Bo Ssam Sauce. Banchan.

... "Continuing with my Korean fixation, I was watching 'Mind of Chef' (David Chang) and 'Korean Food Made Simple' (Judy Joo). I recently discovered that I can buy whole pork belly from my local international supermarket and with my recent get-togethers with my ORD/MDW/MKE Korean friends, they challenged me to make ...

Bo Ssam (Korean Pork Belly): Pork Belly. Garlic. Onion. Spring Onions. Doenjang (Soybean Paste). Ginger. Water. Honey. Gochujang (Red Chili Pepper Paste).

Bo Ssam Sauce: Doenjang. Sesame Seeds. Onion. Ginger. Sesame Oil.

Banchan (Side Dishes):
- White Rice.
- Leaf Lettuce.
- Kimchi.
- Pickled Yellow Radish (Danmuji).
- Moo Sang Che (Pickled Radish): Daikon Radish. Korean Apple Vinegar. Sugar. Garlic.

My Korean friends were surprised. Totally surprised. To hear that one of them said that my bo ssam is better than her grandmother (할머니 - halmoni) made me smile from chubby cheek to chubby cheek. I made some adjustments to the core recipe, but I have to say - Korean food is my new thing. Filipino food is always be a part of my me, but Korean food has entered my "Seoul." /devours and remembers the times I was in Inchon and Pyongtaek in the USN


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dakgangjeong - Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken

... "On my way home from the south side of Chicago, I was thinking what I should have to dinner tonight. Thanks to from a friend's post from Maangchi's Dakgangjeong (닭강정) and several posting about sriracha, gochujang, and sambal oelek ... I had the 'munchies.'

Dakgangjeong - Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken: Chicken. S & P. Ginger. Potato Starch. Corn Starch. Garlic. Dried Red Chili Peppers. Soy Sauce. Ssalyeot (Korean Rice Syrup). Vinegar. Dijon Mustard. Muscovado Sugar. Sesame Seed. Peanut Oil.

I rarely use other people's recipes, but this recipe I had to try out. Was I satisfied - YES. The crunch, the sweet, the savory, and the spicy flavors of this dish not only made my mouth sing ... but, I think I'm Korean??" /sips on soju (Korean liquor) between each bite


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tandoori Chicken. Basmati Rice Pilaf. Yogurt Sauce.

... "I'm working in Chicago all week and driving down Devon Avenue inspired me to make Indian food. People see that Tandoori Chicken is supposed to be bright red and dry and flavorless. I decided to make it at home and I don't even need a tandoor oven to make it.

Tandoori Chicken: Vegetable Oil. Garlic. Ginger. Garam Masala. Cumin. Chili Powder. Whole-Milk Yogurt. Lime. Lime Juice. Salt. BI/SO Chicken.

Basmati Rice Pilaf: Vegetable Oil. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Cloves. Onion. Basmati Rice. Water. Salt.

Yogurt Sauce: Whole-Milk Yogurt. Cilantro. Mint. Garlic. S & P.

Living in ORD/MDW (Chicago) has so many culinary benefits. I travel so much that drive through Chicago ethnic neighborhoods all the time and smells alone make me wish I was a full-time food blogger and restaurant reviewer ... heck, maybe I'll become a chef and open my own Filipino restaurant someday. Nevertheless, I bring to the dinner table food that will make me forget the stress of day from work." /takes a step back, closes my eyes and smells toasted garam masala and smiles


Monday, February 2, 2015

Tonkatsu. Jasmine Rice. Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce.

... "With all the Asian food being posted lately in Bears in the Kitchen, I decided to jump the bandwagon and share ...

Tonkatsu: Berkshire Pork BL Loin Chops. AP Flour. Egg. Vodka. Panko (Japanese bread crumbs). Vegetable Oil. S & P.

Jasmine Rice: Jasmine Rice. Water.

Tonkatsu Sauce: Ketchup. Worcestershire Sauce. Soy Sauce. Mirin (Sweet Rice Wine). Sugar. Dijon Mustard. Garlic Powder.

Garnish: Fujkunzuke (Pickled Daikon and Lotus Root). Rakkyo (Pickled Onions)

... Tonkatsu is a staple in my home when I'm not traveling. A quick and easy dinner that takes me back to my days while living in Japan." /misses Yokohama