Friday, March 6, 2015

Prime Rib. Braised Winter Greens. Classic Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

... "The last two weeks have been brutal. I've been only home on the weekends and I haven't eaten like I'm used to since being in Kankakee, IL. Luckily, I had an "office day" at home today and when I usually come home on Fridays... James and I usually go out for dinner and catch up from the shenanigans throughout the week. I decided, I wanted to make dinner and I wanted to stay home and be with Wally and Eva as well ... James and I usually get prime rib or something of the like ...

Prime Rib: Prime Rib. S & P. Thyme. Oregano. Rosemary. Garlic. OO.

Braised Winter Greens: OO. Onion. Garlic. Red Pepper Flakes. Kale. LS Chicken Broth. Water. S & P. Lemon Juice.

Classic Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Smoked Gouda and Chives: Russet Potatoes. US Butter. Half-and Half. S & P.

Cooking in my own kitchen again from being away so long felt great. Not having to do restaurant reviews or eat at chain-restaurants is always what I strive for when I travel. Hearing my cleavers hitting my wooden chopping blocks, smelling the cooking aromatics, and having Wally and Eva beg for a small nibble of what I'm cooking makes my heart melt -- not to mention when James walks in the door and gives me a hug and a kiss and says ... "I love it when you're home." Yeah, home sweet home." /has a 'not shown' Moscow Mule and devours dinner


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