Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dol Sot Bibimbap. Gochujang Sauce. Banchan.

... "The last of my Korean food excursion - I learned so much about Korean food and culture from my new Korean friends in Chicago. The food and the culture that I experienced was way different than my short stay in Inchon and Pyongtaek. I learned secrets of kimchi making and finding the balance between sweet and spicy and savory. As a departing gift, I received two stone bowls. I rushed home fighting Chicago rush hour traffic and made ...

Dol Sot Bibimbap (Stone Pot Mixed Rice): Sesame Oil. Jasmine Rice. Soy Sauce. Mirin (Rice Wine). Sesame Oil. Garlic. Ginger. Vegetable Oil. Bean Sprout. Spinach. Carrot. Eggplant. Daikon Radish. Sirloin. S & P. Muscavado Sugar. Egg Yolk.

Gochujang Sauce: Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste). Doenjang (Korean Soybean Paste). Ginger. Honey. Sesame Seeds.

Banchan (Side Dish): Kimchi (from a friend).

My craving for Korean food hasn't ended, but it has just begun. The dishes that I made: dakgangjeong, bo ssam, and now dol sot bibimbap are now in my rotation of dishes that I can make on a weeknight. So, if you are ever in Chicago and want Korean food ... you can eat at Korean restaurants or just ask me to make it." /wants to try out for 'Masterchef Korea'


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