Thursday, August 27, 2015

Galbi Jjim.

... "The temperatures lately in Chicago have been really cool and almost too cool for my liking for this time of the year. On my way home from ORD/MDW this afternoon, I wanted 'comfort food.' I needed something packed with umami and I was itching for Korean food ...

Galbi Jjim (Korean Beef Short Ribs): Beef Short Ribs. Water. Soy Sauce. Garlic. Onion. Soju. Brown Sugar. Carrot. Daikon. Shiitake. Chestnuts. Gingko Nuts. Mulyeot (Corn Syrup). Sesame Oil. S & P.

I served it with the a fresh pot of white rice - which is a standard with any Asian meal. Galbi Jjim is usually served on special occasions, i.e., holidays and birthdays, but ... why wait for a holiday? Celebrate life! Celebrate with food! I was surprised that I didn't add gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste). It didn't need the heat ... just the bowl itself warmed through with the warm rice and steam off the top of it from the galbi jjim alone gave me the warmth I needed on this very cool night ... not to mention, James and the dogs snuggling up next to me." /closes my eyes and buries my self under the blankets and devours ...


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