Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tonkatsu Curry.

... "It's been a long week ... a very long week. I haven't cooked anything all week with the exception of a PBnJ sandwiches and making iced green tea. With Chiberia 2015 in full effect as of tonight, I needed some comfort food ... Japanese comfort food.

Tonkatsu Curry: OO. Onion. Carrot. Chinese Eggplant. Green Bell Pepper. Garlic. Ginger. Hot Madras Curry Powder. Diced Tomato. Water. Pork Bouillon. Bay Leaf. Hot Curry Block. Fuji Apple. Rakkyo. Fukujinzuke. Pork Chop. S & P. Egg. AP Flour. Panko. Peanut Oil.

I had the front door and the patio screen open and the whiffs of curry and aromatics simmering on the stove could have been smelled outside. While I was finishing up the tonkatsu, James came in and I told him, '[s]it down. I'll warm you right up.' I took a spoonful of the hot curry on the stove and told him close his eyes and taste it. I said, 'What do you taste?' He said, ' Your Love.' I teared up a little and was taken back. James hugged me and said, 'I love you.' ... I didn't know what to say back to James. Wally and Eva got his attention and I stepped back into the kitchen to make a plate for him. I returned to the living room and gave him his dinner. Before I gave it to him, I took a good look at James in the eyes and I said, "I love you too." /walks back into the kitchen and turns around to see James devouring and smiles ...


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