Sunday, August 17, 2014

Greek Meatballs with Herb and Lemon Orzo.

... "It's the end of the weekend. A lot of the school districts where I live are starting school sometime this week. We both wanted something different than French and Italian staples that James and I usually have for Sunday dinner.

Greek Meatballs with Herb and Lemon Orzo -- Orzo. Water. S & P. Lemon Zest. Lemon Juice. Mint. Dill. Garlic. Olive Oil. Hearty White Sandwich Bread. Plain Yogurt. 85% Lean Ground Beef. Red Onion. Feta Cheese.

This summer was full of events. James and I getting married, me having knee surgery, and now starting a new job here shortly, and everything in between ... this summer went way too fast. The only thing that James and I didn't do was go on honeymoon - so, this Greek meal was kind of our "Greek Getaway."

All things must come to an end, just like this meal and summer. James got up from the table and washed the dishes. I stared at a now clean kitchen and said to myself, 'I have to start thinking about autumnal dishes and holiday season food.' ..." /wanting my mom's Filipino food ... /smiles

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