Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tandoori Chicken. Basmati Rice Pilaf. Yogurt Sauce.

... "I'm working in Chicago all week and driving down Devon Avenue inspired me to make Indian food. People see that Tandoori Chicken is supposed to be bright red and dry and flavorless. I decided to make it at home and I don't even need a tandoor oven to make it.

Tandoori Chicken: Vegetable Oil. Garlic. Ginger. Garam Masala. Cumin. Chili Powder. Whole-Milk Yogurt. Lime. Lime Juice. Salt. BI/SO Chicken.

Basmati Rice Pilaf: Vegetable Oil. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Cloves. Onion. Basmati Rice. Water. Salt.

Yogurt Sauce: Whole-Milk Yogurt. Cilantro. Mint. Garlic. S & P.

Living in ORD/MDW (Chicago) has so many culinary benefits. I travel so much that drive through Chicago ethnic neighborhoods all the time and smells alone make me wish I was a full-time food blogger and restaurant reviewer ... heck, maybe I'll become a chef and open my own Filipino restaurant someday. Nevertheless, I bring to the dinner table food that will make me forget the stress of day from work." /takes a step back, closes my eyes and smells toasted garam masala and smiles


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