Monday, February 2, 2015

Tonkatsu. Jasmine Rice. Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce.

... "With all the Asian food being posted lately in Bears in the Kitchen, I decided to jump the bandwagon and share ...

Tonkatsu: Berkshire Pork BL Loin Chops. AP Flour. Egg. Vodka. Panko (Japanese bread crumbs). Vegetable Oil. S & P.

Jasmine Rice: Jasmine Rice. Water.

Tonkatsu Sauce: Ketchup. Worcestershire Sauce. Soy Sauce. Mirin (Sweet Rice Wine). Sugar. Dijon Mustard. Garlic Powder.

Garnish: Fujkunzuke (Pickled Daikon and Lotus Root). Rakkyo (Pickled Onions)

... Tonkatsu is a staple in my home when I'm not traveling. A quick and easy dinner that takes me back to my days while living in Japan." /misses Yokohama


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