Thursday, June 11, 2015

Littleneck Clams with Israeli Couscous, Hunter's Sausage, and Fennel.

... "I needed some lighter fare food for dinner. With it being partly cloudy and cold here in ORD/MDW (damn you, Mother Nature), I was inspired by Mediterranean cuisine - hence, shellfish and mollusks. Also, I went to the doctor today and he told me I had a major sinus infection and told me ... yeah, I'm fat. BLAST. He encouraged me to lose weight again. To ease my mind - I went to my 'happy place' - the international supermarket. I went walking down the aisles and thought ... 'How can I make Mediterranean cuisine meet European cuisine?"

Littleneck Clams with Israeli Couscous, Hunter's Sausage, and Fennel: Israeli Couscous. US Butter. Onion. Fennel. Hunter's Sausage. Garlic. Vermouth. Littleneck Clams. Cherry Tomatoes. Parsley. S & P.

The cold ORD/MDW weather and this major sinus infection are going to keep me indoors probably all weekend ... but I need the rest. There are plenty of leftovers which James can splurge over which I'm not planning to cook all weekend. James, Wally, and Eva will also be back and keep me company while I try to get better." /attempts to take this nasty flavored codeine syrup and knock out on our sectional


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